Covid-19 update:
I am back to normal scheduling for fully vaccinated people, as I myself am vaccinated.

Balance Rolfing® & Yoga

Bringing the body into balance and ease

Rolfing® Structural Integration and private yoga classes
to help you live easier in your body
Offices in Kennicott and Girdwood and home visits offered anywhere in between

What is Rolfing®?


Rolfing® is a team process in which I am your coach and therapist. Your job is to become more aware of how you use your body and refine your relationship with it to create healthier habits that work more efficiently and easily without pain. My job is to coach you into this while simultaneously doing manual fascial work to help you release old patterns of movement and pain that are no longer useful. You will gain new patterns of movement that are more efficient, smooth and pain free.  

The learning part happens naturally, and most people really just notice the fact that it feels great to have my hands working on them for an hour and a half. However, the greater goal is to have you gain greater body awareness so that you can listen to what your body is telling you before you reach the point of pain. In doing this, you will move efficiently, using less energy for it. Ultimately, you will connect more closely with your physical body and reintegrate physical, mental, and emotional bodies as one functioning whole. Rather than thinking of your body as a tool to be used as hard as possible, you listen to the subtle messages and notice when you are gripping something too tightly and overworking, or bending awkwardly in a way that feels like it could hurt you and you change how you’re doing the thing. Then you adjust to what is not only the pain free version of the movement, but is also the most energy efficient way that makes sense mechanically. You know how to adjust in the most useful way that involves relaxing, because I have taught you.  At some point the habit changes and you no longer have to think about it; you just automatically are doing the movement in the efficient, pain free manner in which your body was built to work. You have respected your body’s communication system rather than being mad at it for delivering the scream (pain) because you didn’t listen to the whisper (sensation of lack of balance or support, over gripping, or….).


I will have helped speed you along this path by performing manual work on your physical body to release stuck fascia, which is connective tissue that is around and within every part of your body. This includes muscles, nerves, organs, arteries, ligaments, tendons….. everything. The process is interactive and requires your participation in your own good health, which most people find very rewarding and makes the results long lasting. The point is not to make you forever dependent on me, but rather to have you need me less and less and eventually perhaps not at all. It is an empowering process that Ida Rolf developed as a way to help people “reach their full human potential.”

A few of the many benefits people have experienced from Rolfing® are reduced pain, increased flexibility, an enhanced sense of body awareness, a feeling of being taller as they feel decompressed, improved posture, increased energy for daily life or athletics, and other parts of life falling into place more easily. 

I also offer private yoga sessions which can be linked to the Rolfing® work or done independently as a different route to get out of pain. 

Meghan Seifert

Certified Rolfer®

Board Certified Structural Integrator

Registered Yoga Teacher


"Finding Meghan was a true blessing and gift for my body and mind since our introduction this spring.  I've been an avid athlete, competitive trail racer and professional fisherman/boat captain most of my life until six years ago when I had a major show stopping injury.  The following two years of surgeries and physical therapy I was left on my own and as far as general medicine was concerned "I was fixed".  Unfortunately the amount of pain I was continuously suffering from placed me far from feeling healed.  I've been struggling with a major SI problem, oddly a thing that no one in nearly five years could pinpoint.  Due to the high activity in my profession it became all I could do just to "maintain function", let alone enjoy my time off in having an active lifestyle.  I tried numerous Doctors, Rolfers, Chiropractors etc with no avail.  Nothing worked, until I met Meghan.  Her wisdom of the body and its healthy state of being is by far the best I have ever experienced.  Through patience and guidance she was able to get me on track quite quickly.  Being able to not just "rectify the immediate problem" but to educate me on what I can do physically and mentally to assist in my own recovery process was priceless.  Meghan has brought me to a level where I have not been in more than six years, I am happy to say I am pain free.  I definitely recommend Meghan to anyone looking to get their life back!"


-Captain Mereidi Liebner - Alaskan Fisherwoman

"I live an active life and as a result have had many minor injuries that I had not really paid attention to until last year. I ski and hike for my jobs so I need my body to function properly and last year I could barely walk without pain. I didn’t know much about rolfing but decided to give it a try. Meghan was the perfect fit!  Her practice is in Girdwood and she is also a skier/climber and understands injuries associated with these activities. She definitely helped me understand what was happening with my body and why I was experiencing pain. The actual rolfing resulted in immediate pain relief but what I truly appreciated was the integration into my everyday life so I stop making the same mistakes. She retrained me to do simple things like how to sit, walk, and even breathe. I absolutely recommend Meghan Seifert!" 

-Caitlin Hague

      Heli ski guide

      Denali guide