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I trained in traditional Hatha Yoga in India and am a registered yoga teacher (RYT200). I also studied under Susi Hately of Functional Synergy to learn her method of using yoga in a therapeutic way. 


In private sessions, I can teach you to use yoga to heal imbalances in your body and help yourself get out of pain. This method is based around the idea of breaking down traditional poses to the necessary movements one needs in order to practice them in good alignment. When I see what movement is lacking, I help you to learn a small version of that movement done without compensations so that you can practice that from a place of ease. This literally remaps the neurotransmitters so that your brain learns to only recruit the necessary muscles for a movement. Through this practice, you gain greater range and ease of motion and can get out of pain. You also gain physical efficiency.


This work can be done to support the Rolfing® Structural Integration work, or it can be done on its own. I also teach group yoga classes that combine traditional Hatha Yoga, the healing work just described, and my understanding of kinesiology gained from being a Rolfer®. 

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